Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nine Months Later!

So its been nine months since my orthognathic adventure began. Things are pretty much back to normal, including eating (especially since the braces came off and I got my new partial). I do have little chipmunk-like pockets in my cheeks where the scars are on each side. Food likes to gather there, even though its not winter! Also, I'm not crazy about the retainer that is glued onto the front of my bottom teeth. Its a strip that is the color of teeth but tends to get discolored from food I eat, such as blueberries or things of that nature. But overall I have good mobility of my mouth (I can now open my mouth to about 53 mms.) and the weight is slowly creeping back up. I'm trying to maintain my weight at 110-115. Oh and in this picture you can see where on the left side I have a fat bottom lip -- that was where I was biting myself (see previous post).

So I'm now waiting to start the implant procedure which will be in about 3 more months (October). Its all kind of up in the air until I get the results from the scan I will have to have to see whether I can have implants, etc.

In the meantime, I'm still numb on the surface of my bottom lip and chin although I am getting more and more feeling back in my bottom gums and I also have feelings underneath my chin and bottom lip, just not on the surface. I still get a lot of different sensations like itching that I can' scratch, hot and cold feelings on my bottom lip, etc. So that's about it!