Saturday, March 22, 2008

Apparently what I need is a Booby-Lifty!

Did I mention that I will be 50 this year? Next month actually. So one of my old friends who moved away years ago was in town visiting. We decided to get together with another old friend at Gladstones last night. And they actually remembered my birthday was coming up so we ended up celebrating (a bit early) and we had a really really lovely dinner with a cake and everything. And they gave me a hand-made card that had a poem which I thought I would share:

Happy Birthday Poem for Mary Ann
Even though you're almost fifty
We still think you're really nifty
and even though our card is thrifty
It's filled with love and better than a gifty!
Anyway, we couldn't think of what to get
other than a booby-lifty

Isn't that sweat! And I'm having cake for breakfast! And its not even my birthday yet.