Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Abutments, healing caps, and more feeling is coming back

So I had another visit with my prosthodontist today -- actually two visits in one. He unscrewed and took off the healing caps and put the abutments on so that he could take the impressions for the crowns. It was not the most fun visit but I survived. Even though I'm still numb on my gums on the bottom, I'm also supersensitive, so when he started pushing the impression caps onto the abutments, it hurt like heck, in a prickly painful way. I was glad when that part was over. My bottom lip, which is still numb, was tingling like crazy.

Rather than take the abutments off and rescrew on the healing caps, he left them on. Better chance for accuracy, I think is how he explained it. Also, it would eliminate and in-between-visit before getting the actual crowns on. So he put (snapped on) white plastic healing caps on top of the abutments. Three of them came off when I ate my lunch. So much for snapping! Three weeks of this . . . I guess its back to soft chew.

Oh, and I've noticed lately that I am getting slightly more feeling back on the lower chin and lip.