Sunday, May 27, 2007

The "Plum Pit" Is Back

At 7 months post surgery, my biggest health issue at the moment is the return of the "wicked lump" sensation in my throat. Along with this feeling of something being stuck in my throat, I feel crappy, under the weather. In Chinese medicine its called "plum pit" syndrome. Here's an interesting blurb in an article I read:

Plum pit qi refers to an abnormal sensation of something in the back of the throat which can not be swallowed down nor spit up. In modern Chinese medicine, this definition is supplemented by the comment that, upon examination, there are no pathological changes observable in the throat. In Western medicine, this condition is referred to as neurotic esophageal stenosis and globus hystericus.Within contemporary Chinese medicine, this condition is now associated with psychiatry. It frequently occurs in those with depression and/or anxiety disorders.

We are driving to Vegas tomorrow to spend a couple of days with my parents. And other than the typical work issues (dealing with petty rivalry and antagonism of co-workers), I have a very happy, satisfying life. So if I'm depressed as the article suggests, then the cause is completely unknown to me. Well, I'm depressed right now because I couldn't go to yoga today and because I feel like crap right when we are going on a short trip.

From a Western medical point of view, globus hystericus is caused by acid reflux. So why do I have acid reflux? I don't know anyone with a better diet! I don't drink coffee nor alcohol. I don't eat junk food. Recently I went through a two week course of the "triple threat" treatment for h-pylori (which I have had for years): Cirpo, Protonix, Pepto-bismol. About a week or so after getting off of that crap is when this came back. Those stomach acid suppressors seem to do more bad than good.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Is it just me? I noticed since I first learned about orthognathic surgery that I look at people differently. Today I was watching a taped Opera show with Tommy Hilfiger as a guest. And the whole time I was looking at his mouth. I would guess that he had an overbite and his orthodontist just slapped braces on him much like my first orthodontist had proposed. Dr. Aronowitz pointed out to me that if I just had my overbite fixed without advancing the lower jaw, aside from all of the other problems, my top lip would just hang over my teeth and I wouldn't like how it looked. And that's exactly how Tommy looks -- his top lip just kind of collapses over his top teeth (which are beautiful by the way). Of course, I'm probably completely wrong, Tommy probably never wore braces.

And I do this a lot, notice people's bite, their jaw, their lips, etc. Its funny HOW MANY PEOPLE actually have a misaligned jaw. Mostly I notice people with overbites and a receding chin. I guess I kind of wonder if they can go through life with an overbite, why couldn't I? Why did I go and have this surgery. Ha, its six months too late for that kind of introspection. But actually, I'm glad I had the surgery. Even with the numb chin.