Sunday, December 27, 2009

Apt was total disaster!

I think my prosthodontist is losing his patience with me. Because he told me several times on my visit on Tuesday that I had to be patient. Once when I asked to rinse and I forgot the other time. Anyway, my apt was at 2:00 pm and I didn't leave until 4:15 pm. When I left I looked like a wreck, like I had cried my eyes out which I did. Good thing my next stop was yoga. Which I barely made on time. Yoga was the best thing for me although with all that novocaine I did not have good muscle energy.

Anyway, this particular apt was for fitting my final crowns. Mind you I've been in my provisional bridge (which spans 9 front teeth) for well over 8 months. Well, I don't know what the problem stemmed from (since I'd been in twice to have molds etc. made for these crowns) but they were awful. Horrid! Too big, sticking out forward like buck teeth and just generally ugly and unflattering. And they did not fit my gums well. Dr. S actually didn't hand me to mirror to look and I think he would have preferred for me not to see. But his sweet assistant Jenny gave me the mirror when I asked.

After I saw them and because of how impatient Dr. S was with me, the tears just started streaming from my eyes. I couldn't stop and I just got more and more upset. Finally Dr. S came back in and it took him a while to realize I was crying. My nose became stuffed up and I couldn't breath. So he put me on oxygen. After a while the oxygen calmed me down and we finished the appointment. Dr. S spoke softly to me and explained that he didn't like the way these crowns looked and he was sending them back to the lab. At least we were on the same page on this. But will I ever get the crowns I like? It doesn't seem so at this point. :-(

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wow, has it really been 3 years?!

So I have not logged on in a while and I just realized that October marked my 3 year anniversary since my BSSO. Hard to fathom that three years have passed since I sat here in the very same spot with a swollen face looking like a Macy's parade blimp.

I'm about to get the final crowns on my top 9 teeth and I'm a little apprehensive. Will I love the way they look? Gosh, I really hope so after spending all of this time and money. I will post pictures as soon as they are on.