Saturday, February 27, 2010

Four months later ...

Well its been four months since the process of finalizing my front crowns began and they still aren't in. Had a slight detour--in November I had to have an emergency root canal and apparently the endodontist went to far up into the root causing inflammation. So 10 days ago I had surgery on the gum above the root canal to fix that. And still no crowns.

I'm not to happy at the moment with my prosthedontist. It seems to me this is taking all too long!


Richard said...

Hey Mary,

Sorry to hear treatment is taking longer than you expected but there always seems to be something else when it comes to dentistry. The crowns will be a great addition though when you get them, very real looking.

I noticed you provide some support links for sites like Archwired and was wondering if you may possibly link the which has much info about treatment like crowns and implants, of special interest to you of course.

Implants -

Crowns -

Hope you find the info helpful and that the treatment does not go on for too much longer.


India Daisy said...

just found your blog...I am one week post surgery, EEEEEEEK is all i have to say, never again, pain and swelling...and a skew nose (lol), i also had upper jaw surgery. Tell me it is worth it! (