Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yet Another Prep Appointment

Some advice for anyone undergoing a total reconstruction -- make sure at the outset that you and your posthedontist are on the exact same page.  I mean, get into the details.  Find out what types of crowns your prosthodontist will use and be clear about what color you want.  This may require some strategic planning of using whitening agents.  This will save you time and headaches in the long run.

Yesterday I spent another 3 hours at Dr. S's office doing to prep work for the porcelin crowns.  This actually required more drilling!  Let's just say I'm glad to have that behind me.  I'm ready for these crowns to be done!


India Daisy said...

The numbness is driving me crazy Mary, i am allowed to eat soft foods now like pasta, so when i tried, i couldn't feel a thing and bit my cheeks, so i got soooo frustrated. I go back to the surgeon again in a month. If the nose is not straight he will have to cut again on the top and put in a stitch - yikes! How long before your feeling came back?
Andrea aka India Daisy

Mary said...

Hi Andrea, the swelling generally takes months to a year to completely subside. I think generally feeling begins to come back as the swelling goes down although I am still mostly numb (due probably to my age which was 48 when I had the surgery). Everyone is different but the younger you are, the less time it takes. I have gotten mostly used to it and my surgeon did warn me that I may not get my feeling back. A year or so after my BSSO, I had another surgery for 5 implants on the bottom and because my nerve was so close to the bone, my surgeon had to do a nerve reposition which caused further damage and may be why I'm still numb.
As for eating, I can't recall the exact time line but it does take some time before you can really eat normal again. I think it took a good 6 months for me and then it took another 6 months for me to gain the almost 20 pounds back that I lost. I know what you mean about biting your cheeks, I did that a lot and also my bottom lip inside and out. Mary

India Daisy said...

Hi Mary, got your comment on my blog, but that was pre-op one week...*sniff* - do you have an email address? Love hearing from you?